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The Blockchain Industry is increasing in popularity as people are beginning to understand what it means and started putting money into cryptocurrencies and NFTs. If you don’t fully understand what Blockchain is, click to read my first blog post breaking down what it is in a simple easy-to-understand fashion.

I started out my Blockchain journey focused on the Ethereum network. I was transitioning into a tech role and decided that I wanted to learn software development. Simultaneously I was learning how to invest in stocks and day-trade and had my foot in some cryptocurrency investments. When I heard of…

Coinbase Global, the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, started trading on the Nasdaq exchange on Wednesday April 14th, 2021. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the company’s direct listing and shares began trading using the ticker COIN.

This is such a big deal in the cryptocurrency space because this is…

You’ve probably heard of the term NFTs or maybe you’re familiar with them but don’t know what that necessarily means for Blockchain Technology. In this post, I will break down exactly what NFTs are and the way it’s been shaking up the concept of asset appreciation.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible…

In this article, I will be putting the spotlight on a cryptocurrency that has been popular as of recently. Dogecoin’s price has risen incredibly in a 3 month time span so it would be weird not to mention it. In no way shape or form is this article promoting or…

Blockchain Technology is the system that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were built on. No matter what happens to the world moving forward, Blockchain is and will forever be the perfect example of the power of ground-breaking industries and the power of investing as a whole.

So what exactly is Blockchain?

BlockGirl Invested

A former HR professional working for a multi-billion dollar Blockchain company, going down the rabbit hole of researching blockchain, crypto, NFTs & more!

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