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3 min readMay 14, 2021

I’ve been working in the Blockchain Industry a little over a month now and it has been the best decision I’ve made this year! I want to talk a little bit about what it’s like working for a Blockchain company in general because I am sure that the experience is similar working for any company in this space.

Blockchain Technology was created in 2009, a year after the big recession in 2008 so it has been a thing for a little over a decade. And it really picked up in the past 5 years. With it now becoming mainstream, I’m sure there will be plenty of new companies coming up in the next couple of years.

Blockchain companies, since they are ten years old or less, are all considered start-up companies. The great thing about working for a start-up is that their ideals and standards are easily more modernized than a company that is a couple decades years old. It’s not difficult for these companies to adapt to the fast-changing technology in the modern world, especially due to the fact that Blockchain Technology is way more advanced than the centralized systems that we use today. Blockchain companies are constantly thinking towards the future because Blockchain technology IS the future. It’s not something that is used frequently in today’s world.

Blockchain companies are exciting to work in because regulations around Blockchain are still in the works of being shaped. It is not government regulated which gives companies some sort of freedom, but at the same time there are still federal and state regulations that companies need to follow and it varies from different regions. Some regions open Blockchain with open arms, and others ban their citizens from using it. The government is still making its mind up about where Blockchain stands, and this little window of indecision gives companies the opportunity to scale as far as they can within their bounds. The increasing popularity is helping Blockchain become more acceptable and rules and regulations are constantly being released allowing more liberty in blockchain-use. For example, Utah had a state regulation that blocked their residents from trading stablecoins and as of this week, Utah residents are now allowed to do so!

Blockchain companies are fun to work for because everyone in the space has a true interest in what is going on. It’s amazing to work for a company that truly believes in what the company is built for. That level of care is vital in the success and growth of a company. The topic of cryptocurrencies and NFTs are so popular that you can imagine employees going to the breakroom still discussing cryptocurrencies, investing, and all of the new information that they’re finding in this space. Sending memes they find online to their teams, laughing about the latest thing Elon Musk discussed about Dogecoin, sharing their investing positions and what they believe in. It’s a great community to be in and makes going into work everyday all that more exciting.

Working in the Blockchain industry is an adventure. For me personally it’s great because I am so deeply invested into Blockchain, I am constantly absorbing information on the subject which is helpful to my personal blog and the brand that I am creating in general. I highly encourage anyone to look into working for a blockchain company because you don’t have to work with the technology to reap the benefits of a company in this space. You can work in customer service, you can work in marketing, you can work in HR. You can experience helping a company build from the ground up during this exciting time of Blockchain being a trending topic every single week.

Click here if you want to browse different job opportunities in Blockchain and bookmark this link as you continue your self-education on this industry! And if you’re interested in a particular position in general, e-mail me at (BLACK not BLOCK) and leave your position title in the subject line and attach your resume. If my company has an open position at any point, I could create a referral for you! You never know where you will find yourself, one day you might get a great opportunity and find yourself growing with the company the same way and rate your money is growing in Bitcoin!



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